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Posted by on May 3, 2017

(Board Members Dave Torcivia, Hilary Klimek, Jan Williams and Karen Morley view an aerial map of the property)

Since last fall a marvelous room in the kitchen wing of the manor house was put aside for all things related to The Ross Farm grounds. Board members have been meeting here since then to organize the various garden plans and store the seeds and reference materials needed to develop and enhance the existing property. When the property was utilized as the Mansion in May in 2006, the room was decorated in a blue and white animal pattern which is still beautifully intact. This space makes the job of organizing the needs of the property that much more pleasurable.

Several board members recently met with representatives from Somerset County, which owns the site, to discuss the various landscaping needs of the property. We are hopeful that once the exterior painting of the manor house is compete a landscaping plan will be in place which, once planted, will enhance the beauty of the dwelling. The plan will be designed keeping historical relevance in mind so that many native and historically favored plants will be included. Finally, a quick update for those of you interested in Boudinot’s Garden: recently, while the weather was cooperative, volunteers continued to fill the newly-raised beds with a fresh topsoil/compost mix and a dedicated space for asparagus was created. We are planning to get in an early crop of peas, broccoli, cauliflower, onions and sweet potatoes. If all things go according to plan, we will be well on our way to exceeding last year’s produce donation of 1,000 pounds to the county food bank and local food pantries.

Volunteers working on the new asparagus bed which is to the right.
Volunteers working on the new asparagus bed which is to the right

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